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Why custom software's are like side chicks

After working with several brands, companies and organizations, I can't help but point out the similarities between custom software development and side chicks


Freelancing is not the future of work . . . Here is why

Freelancing is the fate of the business world. If you are contemplating whether to start freelancing or not, you have been missing your peak-share of that trillion-dollar pie but how long will that last?


What not to do – The beauty of bad writing style

There is just one writing rule you will ever need: Be fearless! A fair sum of all the stylistic advice you will find out there. Become that brave soldier slaughtering all the ems ums, and paraphrases to make your writing as individual and unique as possible.


Simple formulas for building a successful product with lessons from shoes of prey

Key takeaway in building a successful product — balance customers intent and actual behavior with data and experiments.

Start-Up Mistakes

The most common time and money-wasting traps with lessons from entrepreneurs and Juicero

We all fall into time and money wasting traps because we are, after all, human. Learn a few lessons from entrepreneurs that attended Y combinator startup school.


What are “FAANG” and "Big N" companies all about?

The FAANG and Big N companies are everywhere. In your inbox, on every click you make etc. The craziest is they know you very well. Want to get rid of them? No way