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Frequently Asked Questions

We are building the most compelling HR company with easy onboarding, streamlined compliance, and people operation tools. We created this earnings calculator tool using our large, comprehensive database of vetted freelancers. Data is regularly updated and excludes hourly rates that fall below the US minimum wage. The Freelance Calculator empowers you to see how much you could earn as a freelancer, including what your hourly rate would need to be to match your current or desired salary based on the number of hours you work per week. Monthly calculations are determined by a one-week unit of measure: hours per week multiplied by freelancers' average hourly rate. By default, values are 40 hours per week. Monthly earnings are calculated as the summation of 4-week earnings.

The hourly rate range reflected in this tool is based on the amounts most freelancers with these skills might earn. This tool also reflects expected rates in the top 10% and bottom 10% as starting and ending values. Several factors can influence your expected rate, including location, experience and competency in the particular skill, track record of success, and complimentary soft skills such as clear communication and leadership. The calculator sources information from our large database of vetted freelancers. Data is regularly updated and excludes hourly rates that deviate substantially from the norm.

Freelancers around the world who are very skilled in their respective niche can make a salary of $20,000 to $80,000 per year, or an hourly wage of $40. While each freelancers’ hourly rate can vary based on where they live, remote freelance talents can command different contractor rates based on their years or quality of experience. You can learn more about how Hourspent compares to other freelance networks.

Hourspent generates revenue when you subscribe to any of our subscription plans. We do not charge any commission fee and there is no hidden fee.

At Hourspent, you are free to choose your rate and find clients that are willing to pay that rate. You don’t need to worry about negotiating or haggling anymore!

No, Hourspent does not take a cut from your earnings. The rate that you set is the rate that you will receive for every engagement with a client. Your earnings are 100% yours.

At Hourspent, we give you the flexibility to work on as many projects and with as many clients as you want, as long as you’re still able to deliver quality work. We give you the freedom to increase or decrease the amount of work at any point.

At Hourspent, we encourage growth for every member of our talent network. We have dedicated tools and processes set up to help you build new skills so that you can take on projects that are of interest to you. Whether you use online resources or are enrolled in our Hourspent Fellowship program, you’ll have the tools necessary to improve your existing skills and gain new ones.