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Hey @Rich, how long will it take for the adjustments to be made? Is there apossibility to have them ready 5 days before launch?



144h 05m

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Today's jobs are done without sitting on a desk. With workstream, you can seamlessly embrace your remote team as an important part of your workforce.

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Hourspent workstream is more than just a digital workspace. Bring all your remote and onsite teams into one space, collaborate and work from anywhere from start to finish.

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Hourspent workstream is designed to help your team stay focused by keeping messages relevant and actionable. See who’s online and working in real time, and who’s not. Access and share files without having to switch between applications. Quickly cancel and re-assign tasks.


We work diligently to protect your data starting with a secure login process, strong data encryption with TLS and AES-256-bit. We adopt state-of-the-art methodologies and the highest standards of engineering, tools and servers to build and maintain Hourspent and the workstream tool.


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