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Anti-fraud protection for contracting

For fixed-price contract, per hour contract, milestone job agreement, or whatnot. Get protected at all levels.

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Escrow Payment ShowProof
Show Proof

With escrow payment

Prove you are willing and able to pay as agreed, while you know you don’t have to release the money until you are satisfied with the work done.

Track Sales Employer Talent
Safe and secure

Secure payments in one line of code

Establish credibility with your talents and clients by requesting the agreed funds to be deposited into Escrow.

Completed jobs

Pay and Get Paid within seconds

With Hourspent, you can release funds from your Escrow wallet when you are happy that the project is completed to your satisfaction.

Get an Escrow Refund

Easily end a contract and have the remaining funds no longer required for the project send back to you. Request for an escrow refund even if your contract is far from getting started.


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