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Why Hourspent?

Hourspent is made up of curious minds eager to apply their technical and business skills on projects that challenges them as engineers, scientists, and problem solvers. Think of Hourspent as an effortless extension of your core team.




Distributed Teams


Skilled Talents

Your next freelance team is ready.

Tailored to fit your needs at scale.

In between are good brains, diverse thinking and incredible outputs that spans across:

Our community

Our Technology

Our Skills

Getting together

To lead a new way of working.

The diversity of our freelance teams are unbeatable. These freelance teams do not only get jobs done — they reflect the makeup of people who rely on them to get these jobs done. We believe that:

  • Diversity is winning.
  • 9-5 work culture is dead.
  • Resilient and distributed teams are key.

Building the technology

To power high performing teams.

Achieving a hyper-connected and increasingly skilled workforce requires resources. The goal is to accelerate communication, collaboration, and ultimately helping ensure teams deliver on your own terms so:

  • To launch products faster
  • Help achieve your specific project goals
  • Help teams achieve high performance and work life balance

And resilient spirit.

What skills do these teams have?

From software engineering to image or video annotation skills to build your next big thing. Click here to learn more. With their skills, they get to the very core of your project:

  • Discuss it among themselves.
  • Hone it, fine tune it, run it past them again.
  • Deliver working output just as planned, even beyond.

We spent months hand-picking the best freelancers into teams so it can be easy for you to get started.

Let’s build something awesome together

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