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Why custom software's are like side chicks
11 May, 2021

Why custom software's are like side chicks

One may have noticed a small war going on between low-code and no-code. We can handle that as easily as creating applications and websites without writing any damn computer code! Isn't that what no-code is? Sure. And the low-code? They're platforms that require a small amount of coding. Whatever reason they're on each other's neck is of less importance to the customers. After all, we could see the monthly pricing of each low-code and no-code platform, innovate without waiting for developers and that's a good thing. With custom development, be ready for unforeseeable scenarios.

   An idea
Every software development starts with someone or a group of people who want to change the status quo, change the world or simply want to bring their ideas to life. In most cases, there is a lack of core technical skills needed to achieve that. In between the lines, an advert pops up “Build exactly what you want with no code” These tools can be a boon for businesses, empowering non-technical people and democratizing technology. What a time to be alive!

For just $50 per month or less, anyone could access unlimited features to build that great idea of theirs with no-code. Who wouldn't want that? Drag and drop website/app features, import, export, and much more within minutes. In fact, "I'm putting that ring on tonight! After a few use, there is this emptiness eating everything all up. This is likely not the right platform to build on. Is it? What could have gone wrong? The desired result is far from reach, too controlling . . . I mean restive and rigid, alas! No-code, low-code failed to live up to expectations. What's likely the next option?

Here comes the custom software development, the other “woman” whose providers charge between $50 to $100 per hour and sometimes more. These providers are people like me with diverse skill sets and experience. Unlike a no-code, low code platform, preparations need to be made to ensure the successful completion of a custom software. Custom software development is more than a few lines of code, see it as a living organism. Define what it'll be used for, plan each function, pivot, and grow a team behind it.

If you've read some side chick horror stories, you'd realize that most women have no idea they were actually the side chick. This scenario is quite relatable to custom software development particularly the bugs “gang” producing unexpected results like triggering software to do things it wasn't designed to do hence the need to properly plan, document, and test the software at each phase. How do we plan?

Plan and budget
I'd like to build a Facebook-like app. I think Instagram is cool, I want an Instagram app but for gays, lesbians and non-gender . . . 
the list goes on, I've read several of these project ideas. Such a project needs a detailed description because there are several things that need to be defined before writing the first code. This will help both the developer know exactly what to build and the employer knows exactly what to expect. 
I'll be adding more information on this as time permits me to.

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