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Here is how to get your freelancing Mojo back and wield it
21 May, 2022

Here is how to get your freelancing Mojo back and wield it

Also touted as one’s supernatural ability to succeed at something, Originated from Africa, the word “mojo” has been in use since the 19th century, and only gained significant prominence in 2019. Regardless of its standard dictionary meaning, mojo is quite the word to remember when there is an unexplainable loss of vigor in carrying out the activities that once were a delight to do.
Since it takes an extra push of the will to stay self-motivated working independently as a freelancer, there could be times you might experience persistent tiredness and resentment towards your daily routines. That feeling will likely culminate into an abandonment of work and the nagging thought of self-inadequacy in your skillset. Writers can relate writer’s block with the loss of mojo.
Several factors can make us experience this sinking feeling. In most cases, it boils down to our freelance job —  Proposals were declined, clients keep asking for too many revisions without any additional pay, clients refusal to pay after work has been delivered, and some cases where there are just very few quality jobs driving freelancers to depression and loss of hope. 
A loss of mojo has dire consequences, including missing deadlines, unpleasant reminders from employers, and could be a warning sign of a mental health challenge. These three proven ideas will go a long way in helping you overcome a non-stop energy deprivation (Mojo):

Speak Out! 
As grown-ups, society has taught us to internalize personal issues, and only talk when we have overcome them. Consequently, we tend to shut ourselves away from valuable help, by staying mute and acting like we’ve got everything under control. It’s only a matter of time before our brains get fried under the pressure of overthinking and handling challenges alone. A Scientific research published in 2007, describes the effect of speaking out about problems, to be stress-relieving to the part of the brain that responds to fear and mental/emotional strain. 
Discuss with your client what you're going through, if you're freelancing through a platform like Hourspent, reach out to their support. In the absence of family and friends, there are online freelance groups where members are free to discuss and are heard, however big, small, or dark the issues concerning their lives as freelance talents. It’s also great if you can locate fellow freelancers in your locality for meetups, and informal chats.
And if you are not so enthusiastic about baring your thoughts on public forums, getting a private therapist for therapy sessions isn’t a bad idea. Healthy people also get counseled to stay healthy. The earlier your source of demotivation is discovered and nipped in the bud, the quicker you bounce back to your usual lively and confident self. It starts by speaking out about what you feel.

Eat and Drink Healthy
Perhaps, your daily diet regimen features skipping breakfasts and ordering pizza and sweetened tea; or a trip to the fridge for a bite of fruit cake and velvety ice cream before bouncing back to your computer for a client’s project. Even soda has won your heart as a go-to partner in drinks. Avoiding breakfast and taking in excess sweet food products with poor nutritional value, such as cakes and soda, could plunge you into a bad mood.
Could it be that the loss of your freelancing mojo is a result of what you eat and drink? Let's try out different ideas to reinvigorate. First, don’t miss breakfast, and give healthy, wholesome foods and regular water consumption a try, at least for 30 days. Plan to eat food rich in fresh vegetables, animal proteins, legumes, and whole fruits. When consumed over time, they improve the mind and boost your mental energy. Also, they contribute to strengthening your immunity to keep diseases at bay and make your skin glow. Carrots and healthy nuts like peanuts, cashew nuts, and almonds can replace popcorns and cookies.

Take a Break 
Yes, you deserve to raise your head from your pile of work and breathe. Working back-to-back without taking a break can drain your mind, leading to the feeling of helplessness and a lack of motivation for beneficial tasks. Sitting in front of your computer all day cramps the muscles, in addition to putting you at an increased risk of developing cardiovascular conditions.
So, get up and take a long walk. Exercise howbeit mildly, and explore your hobbies. Before you agree to your client's deadline, make sure your clients' deadline is a sum of the time it'll take you to do the job and also your rest moment. 
Take your time to peruse your previous work, and pat yourself for your achievements so far.  By all means, relax your body and get up to six hours of sleep every night. Don’t forget comedy sitcoms that will make you laugh until you snort.
Your success in freelancing could sometimes be hampered by enthusiasm to do work. A loss of your freelancing mojo may have far-reaching consequences on one’s overall health and earnings. But if addressed on time with these three suggestions, it will remain a thing of the past.

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