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What productivity means to an employee who freelances
9 June, 2022

What productivity means to an employee who freelances

As I raced down the long, adjoining street on my first day at my new workplace, it struck me that I was only a few moments away from starting a fresh chapter of my life as an employee. Yes, I'm an employee by day and a freelancer by night. I worked with start-ups for over five years before adding an employee job to my “muscles”.
Then, I had the liberty to wake up anytime, and the briefest bathroom breaks I had included two hours of sleep. Fortunately, my clients were more interested in results than my sleep routine. Now, imagine that piece of freedom traded for a structured 9 to 5, and you will wonder why I did not say no to my current job in the first place.
The second week as a digital content coordinator was relatable, my clients and employer have one thing in common Productivity.  We find ourselves searching for ways to get the best out of our time and resources to keep us moving forward. It is quite a challenge to be productive but it's doable.
So, whether you're working a traditional, full-day job or as a freelancer, understanding the motivation behind your employers' or clients' quest for results will help you detest their guts less. It does not matter the size of their business: as long as you see differently from your draconian perception of business owners, life as an employee or freelancer will be much easier.
But why productivity?
1.    Profit is proportional to productivity
Modesty aside, most business owners wake up every day with the wish of raking in large sums as net profits. But if wishes were magic wands, a large percentage of businesses will always smile at their banks.
According to a 2019 report by Small Business Trends reviewed in January 2021, only 40% of small businesses make profits from their ventures. The more a company can strategically utilize its human and material resources to transform ideas into tangible/consumable goods and services, the steadier its income flow, and the greater its potential to widen its profit margin.
No organization committed to business perpetuation, will fold its hands and watch its firm sink in debt or wiped out infrequent, significant losses. If it were possible, modern-day employers would turn their employees into money-making machines to realize an unrestricted financial gain (but thank the government and activists for the power of Human Rights).
Nowadays, every sane boss recourse is the humanistic approach to productivity such as on-the-job training, work performance appraisal forms, project reviews, and even queries to make the best of your time and brain. These approaches, if they work well, facilitate profit-making and business sustenance.
2.    Profits Support Employers in Contributing to The Community
We must also think about our local and international communities when analyzing the essence of productivity to employers. Truth is, not all businesses think about the community when drafting their goals.
However, it's safe to say that the presence of a business in a locality creates employment for the people, thus, providing them with a means of livelihood. Not only that; a thriving business attracts cash-rich visitors, opens up the community to diverse social lives, and expands on existing social amenities.
After all, is said and done, your work input for the growth and sustainability of that company does go a long way in sustaining and improving your community.
3.                Productivity Increases Salaries and Bonuses
As much as I know that we don't readily admit that we work for the money, there's something about a pay rise or incentives/rewards that gives hardworking freelancers and employees a surge of adrenaline.
Unless you're working for a heartless monster, your result-producing performance is guaranteed to be compensated in the form of a higher salary or juicier bonuses. On that wise, you're encouraged to go the extra mile in your services for the good of the organization you're with. Such it becomes a win-win affair.
The rough terrain of working full-time now notwithstanding, it is satisfying to surmise that I am involved in a business's success story, even if my services may not be for years. Also, I am aware that there are more grounds to be covered on productivity and why it is key to the longevity of any company. But be rest assured that the reasons I have discussed in this post will stroke your commitment as a hired member of a workforce. 
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