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Getting started

Everything you need to know to get started and get to work in Hourspent.

What is Hourspent?

Hourspent is a work management software that brings teams, organizations, people, businesses, freelance talents, and the tools they need to create, track, and manage projects together in ways that work for them.

By bringing people, businesses, teams, and independent professionals together, we are transforming the way work is done, taking away friction between their in-house workers, teams, and workers outside their organization.

Working in Hourspent

 In Hourspent, you can access top talents, collaborate, and work from anywhere. Features include a work marketplace, communication, and collaboration tools, project management tools, task assignments, payroll, escrow wallet, complaint contracts, proposal, and invoice management.

Accessing top talents

 Hourspent makes access to pre-vetted talent easy. We go the extra mile to hand-pick the right talents. Each  talent passes through our rigorous interviews and tests before they can freelance on Hourspent. 
On Hourspent, you can choose to find and hire talents yourself by posting your project to the Hourspent Marketplace or through Hourspent Enterprise if you need help to source, manage, and pay your workforce.


It is one thing to hire pre-vetted talents or onboard your teams to Hourspent, and it is another to work with everyone. There is a need for collaboration, and Hourspent Workspace is designed for that. With Workspace, you can manage tasks and people inside or outside your team, company, or organization. You can organize and manage projects across freelance talents, teams, and your employees in Workspace.


Building and maintaining quality relationships with your freelance talents, teams, in-house workers, etc. is essential. The Hourspent Workstream is a centralized instant messaging, audio, and video calling tool that makes it easy for anyone to have deep conversations with all parties involved.   
Inside Workstream are other tools designed for proposal and invoice management. You can send and approve proposals, raise invoices, accept or decline them, and make individual or group calls (Audio and video).

 Work from anywhere

Hourspent Workstream and Workspace are intertwined. Everyone in an organization or team has access to the same shared and searchable information in both Workspace and Workstream in real-time helping everyone stay aligned and make quick decisions.

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