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89% of people using Hourspent said it was tough to manage their people and projects across platforms until they bring them all to Hourspent;

The simple product and project management solution designed for blended work.

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Have a clear picture of all work currently going on. Stay in the loop with easy-to-use automations and real-time notifications of each deliverables. Manage overlapping, see where things are getting stuck and take action.

Create Teams

Improve collaboration by setting up Teams for your people who work together, like your engineering team, departments, or marketing team.

Add Projects

Add projects to Teams, Talent Pool, and Marketplace to drive business outcomes. It's flexible and easy to manage all in Workspace.

Assign Tasks

Assign tasks so your blended workforce sees what needs to be done, which tasks are a priority, and when they are to be delivered.

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Get more out of Hourspent with your favorite tools! Connect your files, emails, chats and collaborate effortlessly from start to finish.

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Marketplace in Workspace

Manage all your projects posted on the Marketplace right inside your Workspace.

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Extend the power of Stream to connect what needs to get done, who's doing it, and by when.

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Onboard and build relationships with talents whose skills and expertise align with your goals.

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Drive efficiency across your employees, freelancers, and contractors. Use Workspace to boost your people's productivity, alignment, and efficiency.

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With Hourspent, you can create your own team. To do that, you need to add a team and invite talents to the team. "Team" is where the right people share ideas, make decisions and move work forward. We recommend you add teams and talents appropriately E.g. If your team name is "Software Engineers", add only your Software Engineers and DevOps to the "Team". In your Hourspent Workspace, you can see all the teams you added.

You can post projects or jobs in each team. Only talents in the particular team can see those projects and submit their proposals. When posting a project, select the "Accept proposals" button. This will allow them to submit their proposals for the project. You can use the team settings to control who sees who and what.

You can add tasks to each project. You can also assign those tasks to talents in the particular team, track work progress, etc.

All talents in a particular team can see tasks assigned to everyone in the team, when they are to be delivered, etc. You can use the team settings to control who sees who and what.

Leverage the Hourspent Marketplace to find talents. Hourspent Marketplace is an online marketplace where buyers, employers, businesses, and clients can post their projects for handpicked freelance talents to discover and submit their proposals.
When a talent submits a proposal, it'll appear on your Workstream. Once you are ready to add the talent to your talent pool, simply invite the talent to your team.

You can leave private comments on each of the talents you onboard. You can use the team settings to control who sees those comments.


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