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OK! What’s in the box?

Factors that influences startups success are different each time but one thing is certain — Every startup founder needs a team to brainstorm with, plan, build and grow their startups. We’ve built distributed teams to help you do just that. it’s not possible to point to a single process or approach but here is a tip;
  • We’ve crafted a future-proof framework.
  • We approach each startup with fresh perspective.
  • We identify opportunities and pain points.

We’ve experienced startup mistakes and patterns of failure from hundreds of startups across various sizes, sectors and platforms. Most technology startups fail because the variability of their constraints is misjudged. In order to build and grow startups, founders must satisfy constraints deriving from four sources:
  • Their internal structure
  • Goals and preferences
  • External environment
Identifying limitations

To build a successful startup you need to know the limitations. At Hourspent, we help startup founders recognize, satisfy and live with various constraints. These constraints are living, breathing things and understanding them is equal to coupling between your internal and external worlds. We help you prioritize — and see the forest, instead of just the trees.

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Growing startups

We combine strategy, technology, data science and design to help you increase sales and value. We bring an outside perspective to find new ways to break with convention and streamline most complex business challenges. With a robust strategic process, we help you prioritize, identify your competitive edge and capitalize on it.

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Launch An internet company

Need tools to handle everything involved in establishing an internet business? We have the platform coupled with our vast network and years of working behind-scene helping build high-growth startups. We’ve honed the skills you need to launch your internet business with ease.

We build better startup products through research, insights, design, and technology. we distill the vast research into key insights and analyze the key insights to align and prioritize opportunities. The end game? Building a roadmap through R&D to guide all project principles.

With a robust review of your customers and stakeholders, we learn their problems, attitudes, and behaviors beyond your product or service. We identify key opportunities your startup needs to improve and grow the product to better serve customers — new and old.


We Work With Technology Startups And Enterprises

1. Team Building

We’ve built our teams with deep expertise in few specialized areas.

2. Technology

We provide the technology to power our high-performing teams.

Our Story So Far . . .

Hear the idea that got us started, the experiences that continually shape our path, and the values that inspire our approach.

Paul Graham

Y Combinator co-founder

A startup that helps people make money will make money itself. Both Viaweb and Ycombinator did this. And so, do Airbnb and Stripe. It’s not the only recipe fora startup, but it’s a good one.

Aaron Levie


As a startup, always bias toward simple. Customers will tell you when your product doesn’t do enough, but will never ask for fewer features when they stop using your product because it’s too complex.

Blessing Ijoma

Hourspent CEO

We assume that startups are defined by set of features. That assumption is wrong. It has life and depth. Like an onion, each layer peeled can make or break it right from start.

Frequently Asked Questions

How About Strategic Point-Of-View And Recommendations?
We’ll present a strategic point-of-view on a specific topic with recommendations relevant to your startup. Timeline: 4-6 weeks
I Need The Help, But I’m Concerned About The Cost
Our business model is flexible. We use different debt and equity arrangements to make sure it works with your budget.
I Have An Idea For A New Product, But There Is Nothing Like That Out There
One of the key ways we help you build your startup is by making sure you’re building the right startup. Our team can help stress-test your idea, starting you off on the right foot, and ensuring you're pursuing a viable opportunity.
All I Have Now Is This Idea, What’s Next?
Part of building a new startup is getting the right team in place to help you succeed. We tap into our network to put a team in place that can help you lead and grow your startup in the future.
I Need The Help, But I’m Concerned About The Cost
Our business model is flexible. We use different debt and equity arrangements to make sure it works with your budget.
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