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Hi, I'm Blessing

Abuja, FCT, NG

A Bit About Me.

When I was freelancing, I experienced problems independent talents and growing businesses had to deal with, so I left freelancing to help others freelance and run every aspect of their work better.

For others to work better, we need to build the most compelling work DNA. This is why Hourspent was built. Just like your body needs your DNA to function, your work needs its DNA too.

Finding Hourspent product-market-fit was our new sport. As we were about to step into the court, we saw @mattchris in the court alone. He threw up a basketball. I had to rush in, grab the ball using @blessingi, and head to the hoop. Did I hit or miss? It was a plot twist.

Hourspent — Your work DNA is designed to help you streamline all your work which otherwise becomes a huge hiring mistake, misclassification of hires, mishmash of to-dos, projects, payroll, and compliance that either result in losses or become a pain in the head to manage.

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Technology consultant needed
Roscoe J.
Roscoe J.
Thank you!
11 Aug 2021
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