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How Hourspent is better than managing chaos

Split your work into projects

With Hourspent, you break up your work into separate projects.

Add and remove people

Add whoever is to be involved with the project or remove them.

Hire people

Hire ideal freelance talents that are suitable to get the project done with you, or with your team.

Everything you need to get work done

Each project contains everything related to the work at hand; all the people involved, every discussion, document, file, task, important date, etc. Everything!

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Switch your work to “easy mode”

By putting everything you need to get work done, Hourspent eliminates the hassle of spreading work and projects across a bunch of freelance platforms, and project management apps that otherwise are inefficient at best; chaos at worst.

Maximize your earning potentials

Explore freelance job opportunities that align with your passion, skills, and career goals. Create a solid means of income by working with great clients, employers, and other team members right on Hourspent. Choose how and when to work. Decide how much to charge with no commission fee.

Keep a clean payroll and compliance in one dashboard

Managing your growing freelancers, teams, and projects can get messy. Hourspent lets you see every compliant prepaid documents and tools you need to hire and work with freelance talents — prepaid compliant contracts, escrow, etc. Including what you're likely missing all in one easy-to-view dashboard.

Why startups, employers, managers are making the switch from freelance platforms and work tools to Hourspent

Here are some of the reasons people have chosen Hourspent to explore freelance job opportunities, hire and power their work. (As shared in our recent survey)

Find work that works for you

Access freelance work opportunities (Available Both remote and onsite) from the comfort of your home and tools to help you get them done. We do not take a cut of your sales when you subscribe because you earned it and deserve to have it all.

Work the way that works for you.

Easily hire vetted independent talents, invite your team, communicate, build, and scale your dream workflows on Hourspent. Run your projects without limits. No per-job fees, unlimited teams, no per-member fees.

Avoid costly compliance mistakes

Select, sign and manage localized contracts prepaid by our team of local legal practitioners. Select other country-specific documents such as the W-9 form to stay on top of local laws.

Access flexible payment options

Pay your freelance talents and team 135+ currencies with one click and save time and cost along the way. For fixed-price and hourly contracts, get protected at all levels with Escrow.


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