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Using Hourspent

From Workstream to Workspace, learn how Hourspent works.

Raising and settling disputes

Learn more about raising and settling disputes in Hourspent

Hourspent encourages project owners and freelance talents to resolve disputes on their own. Good communication helps resolve 90% of disputes in Hourspent without involving our dispute team.

In cases where both parties are unable to do so, the project owner or freelance talent can raise a dispute. Members who are not on Prime or Highflier plan need to pay a non-refundable fee of 10 USD to raise a dispute.

Hourspent makes a resolution decision based only on communication in the Workstream by both parties to resolve the issue within 7 days for a disputed amount of less than 1,000 USD. Our dispute team reviews the specific stream conversations, tasks, and quality of work done and settles the dispute. For a disputed amount of 1,000 USD or more, the Hourspent dispute team assesses disputes regarding the quality of work based on the project owner or Hourspent quality standards. Both parties are notified of the resolution within 14 days.

Information shared outside of Hourspent won't be reviewed. Therefore, do not share information outside the platform especially when such information can help to resolve the dispute.

Project owners who are Prime members and freelance talents who are on the Highflier plan do not pay a non-refundable fee to raise a dispute provided that they have been Prime members or are on the Highflier plan when the project started until a dispute arises.

In cases where a project is terminated due to unforeseen circumstances, the freelance talent needs to refund the remaining funds in escrow to the project owner. In cases where the talent invested resources such as money to buy products needed for the project (and no other project), the talent can ask the project owner to compensate her provided that such products cannot be returned.

Know that project owners and freelance talent cannot hold Hourspent liable for the resolution decision, their actions, or failures.

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