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When A Contract Is Paused

In the event a contract is paused because there is a problem with your client’s Hourspent account,
Linda O
Written by Linda O
27 April, 2021

or your client decided to put the contract on hold, you shall not continue working or billing them until the contract restarts. You will be notified from Hourspent once the contract goes live again. Be aware that Hourspent cannot guarantee the payment of any work done while your client’s contract has been suspended.

You may contact your client to find out when the contract will recommence. Regardless, at no time should you continue rendering freelance services to a client on the premise that you will be paid outside Hourspent. Not only is that a breach of Hourspent policy, but you are also putting yourself at the risk of getting defrauded. Reject the offer to bypass the Hourspent platform and report it to our customer support center. 
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