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Submitting A Proposal For A Project

Your proposal for a project that interests you should convey your passion to work for a prospective client.
Linda O
Written by Linda O
27 April, 2021

Do not sell yourself short as this is your opportunity to impress the client as the perfect candidate for the job. So, make the best of the chance!

The introductory part of your proposal should grab a potential employer’s attention, prick their curiosity about your skillset and experience, and persuade them to contact you. Weed out irrelevant information unrelated to the job description on your proposal, and endeavor to address all the questions the client has put forward for the project.

If you attach to your proposal, samples of previous work done in the area of expertise a client is asking for, you improve your chances of being contacted for interviews.

Once you are done writing your proposal, click the “Submit” button. At this point, it is safe to keep your fingers crossed for a positive response.
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