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Sharing Personal And Sensitive Information On Hourspent

Except where indicated by the admin for Enterprise clients, we strongly advise against sharing your personal information including but not limited to your phone number, email and/or home address, link to your social media handle, link to a communication application such as Skype or Zoom; pictures, and bank details with an employer. 

Also, Hourspent has all the tools for effective freelancer-employer collaboration so that all interviews, payments, and communications will take place on the platform, and not extended outside Hourspent. Inasmuch as we have introduced adequate security measures to protect members of the community from fraudsters, we do have little control over the choices you make while conducting business with your client. 

In the event you feel an employer is demanding personal or sensitive information from you before, during, or after a contract, quickly reach out to us via our support section.
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