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Everything you need to know to apply for freelance jobs, get work done and get paid in Hourspent.

Hourspent Verbal Reasoning Test

through concepts and challenges expressed by employers on Hourspent through job posts, employer-freelancer communications, etc. This is also to ensure that freelancers can process information and understand the complexities on employers’ materials.

 By passing Hourspent Verbal Reasoning Test, you have provided us useful indications of how you will be perceived by employers when you communicate with them, and how you will relate and interact with other team members. This also helps us appreciate your personality traits.

The Verbal Reasoning Test features 10 questions that are not subject-specific. In other words, they reflect general, everyday topics which intelligent people are expected to be conversant with.

The whole test is expected to last for ten minutes, each question taking just one minute to answer. Only freelancers who pass the test can apply for jobs on Hourspent. 
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