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Everything you need to know to apply for freelance jobs, get work done and get paid in Hourspent.

Hourspent service plans for freelancers

Hourspent has two different service plans: Highflier and Doer. Each plan has its features and benefits.

The Doer plan deducts your service fees from your earnings. The service fee percentage depends on how much you earn, with a minimum of $3.9 per invoice. You'll have access to services like the marketplace, real-time chat, escrow wallet, file storage, identity verification, and earnings withdrawal.

The Highflier plan deducts your service fees from your coins. With this plan, you'll receive a 300.00 coin credit for all your areas of expertise, and any unused coins will carry over to the next month. You won't have to pay any charges on your earnings. You'll get all the services in the Doer plan, including priority support, fast-track application, and dispute resolution services.

For example, if you earn $700 from a new client, the Highflier plan will deduct between $70 and $95 in coins. The Doer plan, on the other hand, will deduct a 20% service fee on your first $399 earnings and 10% on the remaining $301. After removing your service fees, you'll earn $590.1 with the Doer plan.

Choose the one that works best for you, and start using Hourspent today!

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