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Everything you need to know to apply for freelance jobs, get work done and get paid in Hourspent.

Getting Started As A Freelancer On Hourspent

In Hourspent, freelancers help start-ups, businesses, and organizations achieve their goals, improve productivity, sales, and contribute to their wins.

To learn what Hourspent is, click here.

To start freelancing:

1. Click on “Marketplace”.

2. Click on Start Application.

3. Select your area of expertise and click next.

4. Select the way your service fees will be deducted( Highflier or doer).

5. Upload a professional headshot, enter a username, hourly rate and areas of expertise and click next.

6. Enter your skills, professional background, sell yourself and click next.

7. Enter your key accomplishments and upload your portfolio.

8. Click save.

We, at Hourspent, are delighted to have you as a part of our high-flying community. Thanks for choosing Hourspent as your go-to place to work with employers from many different parts of the world.

Now your profile is up, you can browse for posted jobs. As soon as you find the projects that match your skill and experience, waste no time in sending in your proposals in order to stand a good chance of being hired. In some cases, you will be automatically selected for a project by the Hourspent Auto Match system.

While you are still here, navigate through other articles in the Help Section to arm yourself with information that will facilitate your success in Hourspent.
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