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Editing Your Account Information

You can edit your account information on Hourspent anytime, anywhere.
Linda O
Written by Linda O
27 April, 2021

But you cannot rewrite your user ID, and can only change your country when you log into Hourspent from your new country of residence. Additionally, it’s unacceptable to transfer your Hourspent account to another person.

The following information are subject to change on your account:
1.     Your freelancer profile, including your name, surname, skills, education, credentials, and portfolio
2.     Email address. It should be accessible to you and frequently checked for notifications and updates from Hourspent
3.     Phone number
4.     Permanent residential address. Must be genuine and correct for tax reasons
5.     Time zone

The name and surname on your profile must tally with that on your payment withdrawal account. Hourspent doesn’t approve nicknames for official transactions
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