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Everything you need to know to apply for freelance jobs, get work done and get paid in Hourspent.

Contracts With Non-Hourspent Clients

You can invite and work with them on the Hourspent platform and we will help you manage your contract, and retains your money in escrow for a seamless, fast, and hassles-free payment post-contract. Also, Hourspent protects you from the harsh outcomes of disputes in problematic situations between you and your employer. Best of all, your client must not open an account on Hourspent before awarding you contracts.

Inviting A Non-Hourspent Client
There are two ways you can invite a client outside Hourspent to the platform:
1.     Type your client’s email address in the space provided on your freelancer’s page. Once you click the “Send” button, Hourspent will generate an automated message, notifying your client of your invitation in his mailbox. Or,
2.     Copy your profile’s URL which you can paste and send to your client’s contact on WhatsApp.

Receiving Your Payment from A Non-Hourspent Client
Getting paid after completing a contract on Hourspent is pretty easy. Your client’s project funds kept in escrow before the contract started, will be released on your request after you have delivered the job. As soon as your client approves your request, the money moves from escrow to you.
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