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Storing files on Hourspent

Hourspent provides features that make it easy for its members to upload and share files. You can share your files either privately in a Workstream where your team can download them.
Linda O
Written by Linda O
24 April, 2021

When you upload a file either when posting a job or communicating with others, it will be stored on the Hourspent server. All PDFs, documents, images, screenshots, and audio and video files uploaded count towards your file storage limit. The amount of space available depends on your subscription:
Supported File Types
For proposals and messages, Hourspent accepts file types such as: .doc, .docx, .jpg, .pdf, .txt, .ppt, .gif, and .png.
Unsupported File Types
The following file types are unsupported on Hourspent:
.ade, .adp, .bat, .chm, .cmd, .com, cpl, .exe, .hta, .ins, .isp, .jar, .jse, .lib, .lnk, .mde, .msc, .msp, .mst, .pif, .scr, .sct, .shb, .sys, .vb, .vbe, .bs, .vxd, .wsc, .wsf, and .wsh.
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