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Features of your stream recorder

The primary use of the recorder on your stream is to allow you to record and send audio messages quickly, without the need for typing. You can use it, especially when communicating complex or detailed information.

Features of stream recorder;

1. Resume

This feature allows you to continue recording from the same point where you pause a recording.

2. Stop

The stop feature on the recorder is to end the recording of an audio message and prepare it for sending to your stream. Without this feature, you would have to find other ways to end your recording, which could be more complicated and time-consuming.

3. Remove

The remove button on the recorder is for deleting a recording if you decide you do not want to send it. This feature ensures that you have control over what messages you send and helps to avoid any accidental or unwanted messages.

4. Play

You use the play button to listen to an already recorded audio you want to send to your stream. It allows you to preview the audio message and check for any mistakes or issues in the recording.

5. Pause

The pause button on the recorder is for temporarily stopping a recording of an audio message and temporarily stopping a recording when you play it. This button allows you to take a break and continue recording or listening to a record.

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