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Getting started

Everything you need to know to get started and get to work in Hourspent.

What is a stream

A stream is a conversation space in Hourspent.

You can add a stream for any project, topic, or team. Each stream has all you need to share ideas, make decisions, and move work forward.

Two ways a stream can be added

1. Using the "Add Stream" button

When you sign in to your Hourspent account, the "Add Stream" button is at the center of your home. Anyone can add a stream and people to the stream, giving them access to the same shared conversations. Messages, files, proposals, invoices, etc. added can be seen by everyone invited unless if restricted using the stream settings.

Make sure the name of the stream you added aligns with its use. It needs to be easy to remember for future searches.

2. By posting a project

When a project is posted to the Hourspent Marketplace and a talent submits a proposal to the project, Hourspent will automatically create a stream and add both the talent and project owner to the stream. The stream will appear in the talent's and the project owner's Workstream with the talent's proposal.

E.g. If 10 freelance talents submit their proposals to a particular project, Hourspent will automatically create a stream for each making it 10 streams in total. Each of the streams will have the specific talent, proposal, and the project owner in it.

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