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How to remove someone from a stream

Removing someone from a stream

What is a stream?

Click here to learn more about streams.

Who owns a stream?

Anyone who added the stream owns the stream and has all the privileges to manage the stream.

When someone no longer needs to be a part of a stream, they can be removed. By default, only the stream owner can remove anyone from the stream.

What to expect

Anyone can be removed from a stream by the stream owner. Others on the stream can do the same if the stream owner grants them such privilege.

Removing someone from a stream:

1. Click on your Workstream.

2. Locate the stream and click on it.

3. Hover on the person's profile picture at the top of the stream.

4. Click on the "Remove button".

Removing someone from your stream does not automatically remove the person from your project. When removed, they no longer have access to the particular stream. However, they can access other streams connected to the project.

Tip: Here's how to remove someone from a project.

When you remove someone from your project, you've automatically removed the person from all the streams connected to the project.

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