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Get Assisted By Fly

We understand your innate need for meaningful communication on Hourspent, even in the absence of ever-busy humans.
Linda O
Written by Linda O
27 April, 2021

This is where Fly, our self-acting support bot comes in. it has proven to be a lively, chatty virtual assistant well-versed in intuition-based communication. Fly can answer a range of inquiries and provide you with step-by-step information for a wholesome user-experience.

How good is Fly?
Fly tackles questions within its limited scope of functionality (come on, it’s only a robot!). Among other functions, it can walk you through your job title, description, location, and even your budget.  

Therefore, inquiries specific to users’ accounts on Hourspent are not Fly’s to address. In that case, you can raise a ticket in the customer support tab, for human assistance. 
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