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About Hourspent Enterprise

The Hourspent Enterprise Talent Network is made up of freelancers who are exclusively handpicked based on their personalities,
Linda O
Written by Linda O
27 April, 2021

areas of interest, and experience on Hourspent. As an enterprise client, you can leverage Hourspent to work with freelancers based anywhere, in specific locations or freelance talents within same geographical region with you.

Freelancers who successfully executed a contract for an Hourspent Enterprise client usually come first in the list of people to hire for a repeat project in a given niche. As a result, many freelancers in the Hourspent Enterprise Talent Network are always busy with recurring jobs. Enterprise clients’ projects are not made public. Only a few freelance talents that meet the clients’ criteria are invited to apply.

Locating an Enterprise Project
To a large extent, Enterprise projects are kept private and can be found only by freelancers in the Hourspent Enterprise Network. However, if the skillset or experience an Enterprise client wants for his project is unavailable in the network, he or a team member can explore the Hourspent marketplace for the desired talent and contact them.

Joining the Hourspent Enterprise Talent Network
No special protocol is required to enroll in the Talent Network. If you have been invited by an Enterprise client and after you have accepted the offer of a contract, you will receive an automatic message that you have joined Hourspent Enterprise Talent Network.

Exiting the Hourspent Enterprise Talent Network
It’s easy to opt-out of the Hourspent Enterprise Network; simply send an email to our customer support with a request to be withdrawn from the network.
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