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From posting jobs and projects to hiring freelance talents, learn to use Hourspent.

What is a project in Hourspent

Projects are the central and the most important part of Hourspent.

There are two sections you may need to add projects to in Hourspent depending on your aim or goal. They are the Marketplace and Team space.

Marketplace Space 

When you add projects to the Marketplace, pre-vetted freelance talents will see them and submit their tailored proposals. You can find a list of all the projects you added to the Marketplace in your Workspace. You can find their streams in your Workstream.

Learn more about Workstream and stream in Hourspent

Team Space

When you add projects to your team, only members of that particular team will see them. You can then list project tasks needed for the project and assign them.

For example, you can add "LinkedIn marketing launch" as a project to your marketing team, list tasks to do for the project to be successful, and assign them or "Website Revamp" as a project for your engineering team.

All team you added appear in your Workspace. In each team are tools needed to help you organize and assign work, set deadlines, share files, and present ideas.

Who owns a project? 

Anyone who adds a project to the Hourspent Marketplace or their team space is the project owner and has all the privileges to manage the project.

Types of projects to add

You can add projects for just about anything, from deadline-driven initiatives (like a product launch) to ongoing processes (like administrative work), or to find talents outside your team by posting them on the Hourspent Marketplace.

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