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From posting jobs and projects to hiring freelance talents, learn to use Hourspent.

Publishing A Job On Hourspent

and that can only be possible if it is displayed in our marketplace. There, you will be required to give all the essential information about the job that will guide prospective freelancers in the submission of their proposals.

 The important information will include:

1.     The background and range of work to be done for you. Is it a new project or half-completed? Short-term or long-term? Urgent? The more detailed your job description, the clearer it is to a freelancer on the specific skills and required experience to bring to the project. More so, an explicit description will save you the agony of sifting through tons of proposals for the right fit.

2.     Your budget. You own your job and so, know its worth. For that, set the range of amount you are willing to pay (in USD) in the space provided. 
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