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How to find independent talents to hire on Hourspent

To find independent talents to hire on Hourspent, you have to post your project to the public, and those suitable for the project will apply.
Blessing I
Written by Blessing I
08 November, 2021

Their proposals will be displayed on your Workstream so you can review them. There, you can discuss with them and hire any talent of your choice. To post a project:
  1. Go to your Hourspent Dashboard
  2. Click on "Create Project"
  3. Select "Public"
  4. Click on "Create"
Fly, your smart assistant will pick up your project details and submit them for review. Once approved within 30 to 60 minutes, it's then moved to the public for suitable talents to apply.
You can post your project under your team so that your teammates can have full access to the project and every incoming proposal. Many employers post projects to the public under their team because they want to onboard their teammates later and have everyone on the same page.
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