Hourspent VS Freelance Marketplace

Organized access to the top 2% of freelance talent

You could run your hiring process and work to chaos. Or you could have control of both in Hourspent.

Hire the top 2% of freelance talents

without reviewing endless proposals

Unlike Hourspent, finding the right freelance talent in freelance marketplaces requires sifting through many freelancers' bids, profiles, services for a single project. Hourspent automatically detects and infers various kinds of data, such as talent background, hourly price, experience, location, and personality harnessed over a while to match the right freelance talent to your public project.



Your hiring process



Real-time conversations with any talent

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Save time

Spend less time switching context

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Hire Smart

Perform quick actions without leaving conversations

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See 'em

Drop into any stream and see what’s happening.

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Unlike freelance marketplaces

Hourspent helps teams integrate better with freelance talents by highlighting processes and other company-specific ways of doing things.

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One platform

Hire and Collaborate

Give Projects Dedicated Streams
Not Pages

In Hourspent, everyone in a stream sees the same messages, so your team knows who’s responsible for what and how to move work forward. Messaging in a freelance platform is similar to Emails with several pages to go through to get what you need.

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Schedule. Track. Work Done.

Keep an eye on your work progress and workload. Use Hourspent to have all your freelance hiring needs met. Capture all of your documents, notes, and next steps in one central place. Easily locate bottlenecks and ensure deadline are kept.


Hourspent vs. Toptal

You'll know about all the actions of the members.


Hourspent vs. Upwork

Ensure that your projects stay neatly organized


Hourspent vs. Slack

Highlight the day's most important tasks.