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Want to keep your business out of legal trouble?

Generate, sign and send contracts that comply with you and your talent local, state, and federal laws. Available for over 100 countries.

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Country specific contract
Country-Specific Contracts

Create, sign and manage localized contracts

Our legal partners ensure that your contracts are compliant with your talents and local business & tax laws. Instantly generated prepaid contracts once you fill in a few critical details.

Contract administration

Easily monitor Performance

A contract can fall apart for several reasons. Monitor your talent to-do list, work progress, and deliverables right on Hourspent. Approve and decline milestones with a click.

Dispute Resolution

Identify risks and disagreements ahead of time

Contracts can span many years. During that time, disagreements may arise regarding the best ways to fulfill contractual obligations. Have Hourspent mediate the process.

Whether you're in tech or an entrepreneur, be rest assured that you’re doing things the right way with Hourspent. Seamlessly take control of your team's intellectual property and personal information without any compromise.

Blessing Ijoma · Hourspent C.E.O.

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